A Commentary on Witch Hunts in Africa

Posted on April 3, 2012
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I was pointed to this documentary video about witch hunts in Africa. And if you go to this link you’ll see an article that discusses how witch hunting is alive and well in Africa.

This is sickening¬† because these children aren’t identifying as witches. Instead they have been labeled as such in order by people who are choosing to use those labels to get rid of children they don’t want, or because some Christian pastor has decided to demonize them. The end result isn’t just intolerance…its death. It’s people being persecuted for beliefs and practices that they don’t even do.

It makes me realize how fortunate I am. I’ve experienced some discrimination for my beliefs, but I don’t face it on a daily basis, and I’m not being accused of something I don’t actually believe in. Any of us are lucky to be able to practice our beliefs. Whatever discrimination we might face, its nothing like this. These are people who are killed for superstitious beliefs. When you watch the videos for the documentary you’ll see such ignorance displayed it will sicken you as well it should.

It is important to raise awareness of this issue. I’m also looking into how to donate to this cause and will post details in a later post.







Look up Helen Ukpabio. She's one of the worst of the people who spread this. What's worse is that her ministry profits big time from exorcising these witches (to the tune of two years of most of these families' salaries.) The exorcisms are often, of course, nasty, brutal affairs for the children. There's a "Stand up against Helen Ukpabio" Facebook group that has information about people who are trying to prevent this abuse of children.


We are indeed fortunate for our freedoms! Let Freedom Ring!!