A Cycle of Stillness and Movement

Posted on July 21, 2013
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ocean and earth

The blood of life and death anoints me
as I surge in like the incoming ocean tide
connecting you and I in an embrace of the Earth and Ocean.
I flow out like the outgoing ocean tide
but never so far out that we lose contact.
I am poised, still, silent for a moment,
held back but still touching
then I surge in again
penetrating the deepness of your red caves
allowing the salt of my life to mingle with the power of your blood
My waves roll over your fertile lands
and then when I can go no further,
I hold for a moment, still, silent, intense in this embrace
and flow back out
withdrawing, but never completely separated.
I surge back in, movement incarnate
and then stop, stillness profound.
0 and 1
Stillness and Movement
Space and Time
The rhythmic interaction between us is the mysteries
of movement and stillness, space and time
The mingling of us is possibility manifesting into reality
through the plunging of the athame into the cauldron of creation.
You and I become one, become zero, become one again.
We are all things and none, reality and possibility merging into a confluence.
I surge in and I withdraw, but I am never completely apart from you.
You and I are a rhythm, a cycle, a dance of space and time, stillness and movement.
You and I are 0 and 1.
The doors of perception and possibility open to us
and our cycle brings us to the heart of the universe
the tao of stillness and movement
each feeding into the other,
an eternal cycle of possibility and reality
that you and I play a small part in.