A dance of possibilities

Posted on May 8, 2011
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To enter into imaginary time
feeling the flow of possibilities
as they merge with your linear position of reality
shaping and shaped by you
it all becomes one
infinite, unto everything
We’re dancing here on the edge of time
a quick slip into non-linear reality
I could be everywhere, anywhere,
all things and none
The flow of words that come out,
doesn’t come close to expressing
where I really am,
what it is I’m becoming
We are that we are,
but you see we exclude
all these possibilities
by adhering to this space/time reality
we are in.
The song and dance of probability on possibility
draws me in.
I could stay here forever,
infinite dreams flowing through me
but would I ever
really bring these possibilities
into reality?

I am that I am
back to linear reality
I come with possibilities
born out of imaginary time
I am here
with reality born anew.