A Wealth Magic Entity Experiment

Posted on April 25, 2013
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salesentityIn February I decided to create a wealth magic entity, specifically a sales magic entity. I was feeling frustrated with my lack of sales for my day business and I felt that what I needed was some help getting those sales. I realized I was too close to the situation so I created the sales entity (picture above) in order to help me improve my sales. The entity was supposed to help me find my ideal prospects and then help me close sales. I fueled him initially with the stress, frustration, and anger I was feeling about not having enough sales, and then tied it also to any sales activities I did. I finished the creation of him at the end of February. I have since done a variety of sales activities including cold calling, offering classes, and offering free coaching sessions.

It’s now mid April and since the creation of this entity there has been more activity in my business. From mid March to Mid April I’ve seen a rise in prospects with me having meetings with 3-5 new prospects each week. These prospects have come from classes I’ve offered, but have also been referrals and in one case even a person who wanted to connect via Linkedin. The prospects ranged from being solopreneurs to having employees, and some of them are very successful while others are struggling. All of them have needed an outside consultant. Thus far I’ve had one yes and quite a few no’s (which often means not right now).

I’m not ready to rule out that this entity is a success because if you read enough sales books one of the realizations you quickly have is that you hear no quite a lot. In fact, one of my favorite sales books is titled Go for No, which posits that you will hear no a lot more often than you will hear yes. Also this entity has only been in existence for a short while and I recognize that all of my activity is teaching it how it can help me. However, I also see the need to tweak the entity in order to improve its performance. I’m going to focus on improving its prospect finding.

When you create an entity like this one, you can learn a lot from its early performance and use that as an indicator of what to work on or help it improve.  If you expect the entity to be perfect from the get go, you will be disappointed. There is always room for improvement, and if you recognize this, then you can examine the initial actions of the entity and refine what it does so that it produces better results. So that’s what I’ll do, based off what I’ve learned so far. It works, but it needs improvement.



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Have you linked this entity to the egrigores of the books you are referencing? might help increase its learning curves.

Magicexperiment moderator

@chirotus That's a possibility, but bear in mind that the sales books essentially advocate for an approach of going for no, i.e. getting as many nos as possible in order to (eventually) get a yes. That can be useful, but I also want a more targeted approach, not just shooting for nos.

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@Magicexperiment True -- you certainly wouldn't want to limit your entity to one approach. But it may be worthwhile having it access a few egrigores of certain schools of thought that you favor, or maybe even ask a deity such as Mercury to help teach it. If you haven't programmed for the kind of appraches you favor or are looking for, it needs to develop its own techniques. If that kind of innovation and is what you want, then you're set, but it will take time for it to figure things out. Otherwise, a Matrix-style download of theory from another source might prove useful. Just a thought.