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Posted on May 26, 2012
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This is actually a tip that applies to anything you want to learn, but I’m applying it to wealth magic since that’s an area of magic I’ve been working with quite a bit. Bune, the goetic demon I’ve been working with, has also been inspirational in regards to this tip.

If you really want to apply magic to an aspect of your life, one of the key things you need to do is learn as much about that aspect of life as possible. In my case, I started working with Bune last year in order to get him to help me with my primary business. Along the way, he’s helped me see how I could also turn Magical Experiments into more of a business. But the one thing he’s pushed all along is the need to educate myself if I want to succeed in business. As a result I ended up taking a Small Business Management course, which has helped me with both businesses in a variety of ways, as well as currently taking a marketing class. I’ve also been reading a lot of books on business development and wealth at Bune’s prompting. The result is that I feel a lot more tools available to me, for both of my businesses.

I also think it helps to have a patron spirit for my business. It’s something I’d recommend to anyone who owns a business and practices magic. Find yourself a patron spirit that will provide support on the spiritual side, and will also give you that intuitive push in directions you need to go in, to grow your business. And make sure you honor your patron, as it is quite a gift such a spirit provides. I’ve done most of the work on my businesses this year and last, but Bune has been the muse for that work. Once I started working with him, I started getting pushed into directions that could help me with my businesses and I’ve seen a real improvement, especially in the last six months. Praise Bune!



Beth G
Beth G

Ah, everything has spirit and they come in all guises. mentors, friends, guides, ally's...ritual buddies.  I receive such love from the four guardians of the lbrp that I can barely finish it sometimes but I'm not complaining. I'm grateful.  I rarely ask for assistance from more than a couple spirits that are constant companions.. I'm never sure of what I should give in return. I'm not comfortable with the regular magical practice of "using" .(my term) .via sigils and trapping.  Reciprocity is more my way. Of course this attitude limits what type of spirit I'm in contact with but I'm cool with that. They keep saying, "nothing" is wanted,  though they have my thanks and love in return. Maybe that's all that is ever needed.  I'm glad things are moving for you.


Fantastic. I'm definitely going to explore more of this kind of spirit work. You can awaken the spirit of your business into your business logo, slogan, through the format of your business mission statement, business plan, etc. Lots of neat possibilities as to how to turn on the spirit so you can work with it in empowering your business endeavor. Every little piece of advertising and promotion gives your entity a little more power.