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Posted on August 6, 2012
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I got a Google alert recently that showed that one of my books was available for free download on a site. I checked it out. I never put the book on that site and my publisher didn’t either. So I sent them a DMCA takedown notice. Hopefully that will resolve the problem, at least temporarily. It’s a good thing that I had an alert in place, because I doubt I’d find out otherwise. When I posted about this on some social networks, one person asked why I was concerned.

I’m concerned because I’m the author of that book. I spent who knows how many hours researching, experimenting, writing, and revising that book. And honestly, I’m not going to get a lot of compensation for the book. I’m writing for a niche audience within a niche audience. I get royalties and if I’m selling the book directly, I might make a bit more money then if the book is sold through Amazon or a bookstore, but either way I’m still not making a lot. But you know what? I want to be compensated for my hard work and effort. I want to get paid, even if its not a lot, for the writing I’ve done. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

I know…some people will say: “Information wants to be free!” It’s amazing how they have ascribed a desire to information, but as far as I know information doesn’t give a flying fig about whether its free or not. Me, on the other hand…I care about the information I’ve compiled and written and put together and since I consider it to be my information, I can safely it doesn’t want to be free. If it wants anything, it wants proper respect given to it and to the labors of someone who’s worked to produce it.

I don’t have a problem with Fair Use or a person quoting me (I do like proper attribution though!). I don’t have a problem with a person writing about his/her experiences with my ideas and techniques. But I do have a problem when I see a site that offers a free download of my writing. My effort, my creation, my books deserve more respect. And its that same respect that I give every time I buy a book, quote and cite it, and for that matter review it, so others can get my take on it. That’s why it concerns me…that’s why it matters.


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If information should be free, as some people claim, who will produce it? No information can be produced without investing, therefore, somebody has to pay for its production.

You're right Taylor, whatever is the product, it costed you time, energy and resources.  You deserve to get paid for it and to have proper recognition as well.