Appreciation for the moment

Posted on March 2, 2012
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One of the most mindful practices we can do each day involves finding appreciation for the moment. Appreciation for the moment is really the ability to take everything in without having to filter or label it. It just is. You are one with the environment around you and within you. It’s a practice that can be done each day, but it takes discipline to do it, because cultivating such a mindset isn’t something that comes naturally to people. Monkey mind is always active, chittering away about random incidents from the day, or wondering when something will happen or who knows what else.

An initial approach is to enjoy something beautiful, like a view of the sky or a natural feature such as a mountain or the ocean, something so large that it can create an appreciation for all of you. But you won’t always have access to those features. So finding appreciation for the moment can also involve simply taking in the everyday and appreciating it. A walk in your neighborhood can be an opportunity to practice mindful appreciation, or spending time in your garden or doing chores. Allow the activity to define the reality and appreciate it as an opportunity to be in the moment.

Meditation that’s focused in this way involves taking in the world as part of the meditation. You allow the activity to take over for your thoughts. You let the scenery become part of your sense of self. Everything is a reflection of your relationship with the world and with yourself. Te simplest way to practice is to simply take it all in. Let it fill you, lose yourself in the moment.


bellewitch66 1 Like

Trying ever so hard to appreciate my day! Had 7 hawks circling my yard around 3:15 EST, was it just hawks in a kettle (what a flock is called; ironic it is now a policing term) ? Or was it a *Pay Attention* magic moment ? Appreciate any thoughts you might have. We do have 1 red-tailed hawk who is a daily visitor. It was awesome but portends what ?

Magicexperiment moderator

 @bellewitch66 Does it need to portend anything. Perhaps its just 7 hawks tat you happened to notice. I'd suggest appreciating it for the beauty of the moment. I'd only read more into it, if you get signals that you feel connect to what you saw with the 7 hawks.