Posted on July 4, 2011
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My mind is all aglow and on fire with the secrets of the universe
being whispered in my ears by all possibilities and none,
XAH highest of me,
EHEIEH, god breath that moves space and time into place
to show me the silver pathway to all I can be.
In these whispered words I hear the song of the elements
combining everything together
into patterns of manifest reality
that present a sense of the universe
that goes beyond any explanation
and yet speaks more eloquently
to the harmony of all things and none
that come together to present possibility
an opportunity to become reality
tangible, palpable reality.

I gaze with crystalline eyes
into the silver light
seeing a web that hums and strums with power
spatial nodes representing place, person, or thing,
while temporal strands of activity move the spaces
with their songs of power and promise.

I am in the zero space/time continuum where nothing matters
and everything is revealed
where identity becomes one from zero
and emptiness gives way to realizations
of empowerment through peace
identity changing from dysfunction to function
to awareness that no one is a victim of themselves
unless they choose to wallow in their victimhood
and excuse themselves from taking responsibility
for their end of matters

Magic reveals the greatest truth
that life is an endless play
of possibility on reality
of the conjoining sexual acts
of space and time joining each other
shuddering in lustful, blissful abandon
to create this present moment
a baby of circumstance, fate, destiny
and the shattering sighs of universal harmony
dissonant in our ears, for we cannot hear
fully that song of time and space
joining into one,
The present is a present,
with the past full of hidden secrets
and the future blazing ahead to provide
this final greatest moment
of life passing to death passing to life
the cycle has no end or beginning
just endless possibility, endless illusion
til you strip away the scales
from your eyes and see
all along it was a joke you played on yourself
to bring meaning into your every moment
a cruel explanation of why
when we look into each other’s eyes
we realize we know each other
for you are in me, and I in you
and soon we discover
we are all in each other
everything we ever needed

Now join me for this one last act
this blissful orgasmic
death love lust act
of sex, the little death
the beginning-end of our song
and drama
I let you go, let go of myself
and find in the release
the expression of space/time that exquisitely
presents this god breath whispering into me writing.
We’re all joined in this moment.
Hello to me, hello to XAH
my highest self telling me the secrets of the universe
penning them down, laughing all the while.
We’ll meet again you and I,
when we see ourselves in each other
and realize it’s all an illusion
this joke of you and I.