Body consciousness experiment

Posted on March 7, 2010
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Today I decided to start working with the consciousness of my body and its perception of time. My first step was to do a meditation where I got in touch with the consciousness of my body as an overarching consciousness. In other words, instead of trying to connect with just a cell, I would try to connect with my entire body’s sense of consciousness. I think my approach to this was informed by being human, and the human tendency to think of consciousness as singular. I’m not sure how effective that was, in this particular case.

I did start out small, with one cell, and thought that I might connect with the entire consciousness by getting the cell to communicate to other cells a consistent message. This did seem to work to some degree, as I got to a point where I had a definite impression I was in touch with what I might consider to be a body consciousness that was comprised of multiple consciousnesses that were focused on communicating together to communicate with me, but it didn’t feel (for lack of better word) right. Nor was it really helpful for me, in terms of working with the sense of time. Instead what I did get was a communication of urgency, which pushed me out of trance and got me into the bathroom. I can’t say the body didn’t communicate, for it surely did, but I think I will take a different tack to this experiment next time. Still you can’t know what will work until you try and trying this approach did help some. I just don’t think it’s the right approach…



Interesting Taylor! I am not sure if this will help you or not, but it is always cool to pass along things I have picked up in random ways over time hehe!

In 2000, when I was living in Raleigh NC area getting ready to move back to San Diego, I was working with a Reiki Master who learned a new technique at that time, called DNA Activation (later, I found out it also has connections with what is known as Theta Healing today, but no matter). The theory was to "activate" the DNA within one cell, and then that cell would communicate to the other cells to replicate the work done, and it is a process that took about two weeks.

However, it was not just any cell - it was what was channeled by the inventor of this system as the "original cell" - the one that the egg and sperm made first. And, apparently, this original cell resides in the Pineal Gland. So, if you do work with a cell again, try this one, and then see what happens in a couple weeks' time! :-)


Thanks for sharing. Sounds like it's been productive for you. I may take your concept and explore it via Laban, a series of dance moves I'm learning.


"I just don’t think it’s the right approach…" I've been experimenting with this for a good long while and have found an approach that works. The body is constructed of cells all and they are each just as apart of one's consciousness as any other. I've found through my experiments by trying to get in touch with it, one actually causes a conflict between the consciousness of the cell and the consciousness of that trying to get in touch with the cell, when really they're both the same consciousness. The approach I used was this:


Most Westerners feel their consciousness in their heads. If you can feel it in one part of the body, then why could you not feel it in any other? Because consciousness exists on all levels, then the consciousness in the cells already exists and doesn't need to be imposed. Just activated. This consciousness is simply in a state of atrophy and by activating one, the rest will gradually follow.


I decided to use the "tensing" Exercises used in many health clinics to accomplish this end. I figured that instead of going into an inhibitory state of consciousness, an excitatory state of consciousness will result as the result tensing the entire body of carrying out the tensing beyond the point where you feel you're going to pop to the point of a climax. Using this exercise every day for a week has helped me bring this consciousness out of its latent state.