Can spirits evolve?

Posted on April 12, 2012
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In reading Mike’s Blog as well as R J Stewart’s books, one question that has come up for me is, Can spirits evolve? Mike seems to argue that spirits don’t evolve and that the ethereal software they create is based off their understanding of the world and needs to be updated by people to understand contemporary concepts. R. J. Stewart discusses them in context of what they do and the sense that I get is that they might not evolve in a way that we understand, but that doesn’t mean they don’t evolve. That and applying a human centric perspective to the spirits is limiting because it is human centric.

My various experiences with the Goetia, elemental spirits, and even pop culture spirits is one that leads me to think that spirits are defined by function, but that the function can evolve. To argue that a spirit doesn’t really understand modern day concepts could be accurate, but it might be even better to ask if it cares or if those concepts are relevant to its function. It might also be useful to ask how relevant humans are to its function?

When I’ve worked with Purson or Bune the experience I’ve had with them is one where they seem very up to date with the times. When I’ve worked with elemental spirits, that hasn’t been the case from a human centric perspective, but the kind of information they provide me from an elemental perspective about technology and the environment suggests they have evolved as a result of changes brought about by people.

I think spirits can evolve, but that their evolution is defined by their function, and the domain that function operates in. I say that with a caveat, because I’m applying my own human centric perspective to this question, but based on my experiences I don’t think of spirits as static or out of touch with the changing times and concepts…it just might be a question of what’s really relevant.





I think the changes you describe don't necessarily reflect an evolution or change in the spirits themselves. If, for example, one believes that spirits are generally very old and very wise, the fact that they offer information about present-day technology doesn't mean they learned something new in the last 10 or 100 years. It could just mean they would provide relevant, rather than seemingly fantasical, information to people of any era. It wouldn't help you if a spirit told you how to make a better mud-pack to reduce swelling, for instance, nor which brand of medical nanites to avoid. That information isn't relevant today. But they might well talk about medical techniques and decisions that are real options for you.


I'm not saying spirits don't evolve. I think they gradually learn and grow like any other being, probably on a much longer arc than mortal creatures do. But it's worth recognizing there are so many other interpretations. Anything we say about spirits is so speculative it's almost like playing an imagination game.


Oh wait! I just realized that I misread what you were trying to say. From my experiences, the spirits taught humans the arts of civilization and technology. They may also in turn have learned from humans, but unlike humans, they still hold true to the grassroot teachings that modern humans have lost touch with. That's what I was getting at. lol


From personal experience and experimentation inspired by that experience, I would have to say that spirits can and do improve. Not just their function, but also their form and their harmonics can become more advanced. This is not to say that they can evolve, but rather that the very fabric of their being advances as their power, sensory and skills are honed and rectified. To say that spirits can evolve would mean that there's a genetic relationship between spirits and that they can breed. I think the words "transcend" or "ascend" would be better to describe the changes they undergo, since the same spirit can undergo these changes and aren't limited these changes being the result of breeding (if applicable). But you've nailed the whole "function" and "relevance" thing perfectly. A lot of spirits understand how human life has changed, some, such as the nature spirits don't care. Some nature spirits are even prejudiced against humans and will attack, haunt or even possess them because they're angry for what humans have done to nature. I have had experiences with these types, they weren't pleasant. lol

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 @altmagic I agree and that actually was my point in writing the post. Any description offered on spirits by a human is ultimately going to be filtered through human experience and perceptions. So there is a lot of speculation there.