Charity special for Round 2 of the Process of Magic

Posted on August 12, 2012
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For this week until Saturday the 18th, if you sign up for the Process of Magic class, I will donate half of your sign-up fee to Stepping Stones, which is a charity that helps Nigerian children accused of being Witches to reintegrate into their lives, as well as providing education, clothing, and other services to those children. This is a charity I support each time I do this class as a way of helping people who’ve been accused of being something they are not, being driven out, and/or killed as a result.

You get the satisfaction of helping some people in need, plus the opportunity to take a class that examines magic from a process oriented perspective. Below is an outline of the course:

Lesson 1: An overview of the process of magic

Lesson 2: You and Definitions of Magic

Lesson 3: Results, Change, and their respective roles in magic

Lesson 4: The anatomy of the process of magic

Lesson 5: Culture, Ethics and Ideology

Lesson 6: What isn’t essential to the process of magic

Lesson 7: Connection and its role in the magical process

Lesson 8: Intention, Attention, and Magic

Lesson 9: Inhibitory Actions and Magic

Lesson 10: Excitatory Actions and Magic

Lesson 11: Internal Work

Lesson 12: Spiritual allies and the magical process

Lesson 13: Invocation 1

Lesson 14: Invocation 2

Lesson 15: Evocation 1

Lesson 16: Evocation 2

Lesson 17: Divination

Lesson 18: Enchantment

Lesson 19: Astral Projection

Lesson 20: Banishing

Lesson 21: Attunement with the land

Lesson 22: The Role of Limitation in the Process of Magic

Lesson 23: The role of Transformation in the Process of Magic

Lesson 24: The role of Mundane actions in the Process of Magic and What is your process of Magic?


Beth G
Beth G 1 Like

I would love to take your class, and probably will take your class, when I have a bit more time and money. Right now I'm working full time, painting, writing and everything else half time. So I'm quite stretched to my limits.  Keep on doing what you're doing though, I think it's all great. :)

Magicexperiment moderator 1 Like

@Beth G It's a correspondence course so you can take it at your pace, but I also think its wise to know your limits.