Magical Success: Get Real Results for your Magic

Magical Success is my monthly program for Pagans, Occultists and Magicians who want some help with their magical practice. Each month we’ll focus on a topic about magic that helps you deepen your spiritual and get real results.

Magical Success

Copyright Taylor Ellwood 2016

Each month you’ll get the following:

  • Weekly challenges designed to help you with the topic of the month.
  • One webinar a month with me on the topic.
  • A livestream video each week on the topic, on the Facebook Group.
  • You also get to vote for next month’s topic.

What’s the investment?

The monthly option is $22 a month. You can cancel at any time.

The yearly option is $252. When you sign up for the year, you get a free month of the monthly program.

March’s topic is Pop Culture Magic Systems. You’ll learn how to create a pop culture magic system, and what you need to consider in order to make it viable for the long term.


What I like about the course so far is that the people involved come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and all approach this work thoughtfully and with intention, at least from my perception. Taylor is thoughtful and presents things in a way I find to make me go deeper into the multiple layers of meaning of what it means to do this work. – J. C.

Blame my Christian education, but working with demons is something I would *never* have considered until I encountered Taylor’s work on the subject. I’d always put it in a big no-no category as something dangerous, evil and wrong, and most of the information I’d run across in the occult world reinforced those notions, especially the “dangerous” aspect. Taylor not only made the subject seem approachable, but I particularly appreciate the partnership aspect of working with demons in a manner that is respectful and cooperative, rather than being about one party trying to dominate the other. This section of the course has opened me to a whole new world, and what is already proving to be a very productive relationship with the demon I contacted. Thanks, Taylor! – Alex Jones

Demons have been “demonized” by religious leaders for millennia. We are supposed to be afraid, never to approach them, or else. Taylor opened my eyes regarding this nonsense. These misunderstood creatures have been waiting to collaborate with us. Taylor helped me feel comfortable working with demons. I have a new skill set now to manifest my dreams. – Mark Henry