Taylor Ellwood

Taylor Ellwood

I regularly present workshops at bookstores and conferences throughout the year. I have spoken at Pantheacon, Harvest Home Gathering, Heartland, Gathering of the Tribes, Sunfest, Spiral Rhythms, Florida Pagan Gathering, Sirius Rising, Paganicon, Convocation.

Why do you want me to speak at your event?

I teach classes on intermediate to advanced topics, so if you’re looking for something outside of what’s usually taught at at a convention, I’m the person you want speaking at your event. Below is a list of the topics I present on:

Pop Culture Magic
Space/Time Magic
Energy Work
Neuroscience and Magic
Taoist Breathing Meditation
Dzogchen Breathing Meditation
Magical Identity
Tarot and Magic
The Process of Magic
Publishing and Writing
Pagan Leadership
Wealth Magic

I can also develop additional classes as needed for your event.

Some considerations if you want me to present at your event:

  • Registration fees need to be waived.
  • If I am flying to your event, please pick me up and drop me off at the airport, unless I’ve made alternative arrangements.
  • Hotel accommodations should be provided for in-door events and a tent and bedding for outdoor events.
  • If I am traveling to your event, travel costs need to be covered by you.
  • Please provide food (I’m an omnivore).
  • Please put me in touch with shop owners in your area, as I may set up events around your conference.
  • Please market my appearance at your event. I will be marketing your event on my end as well.

If you’d like me to present at your event, please contact me.