Geekery and magic

Posted on October 8, 2010
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I’m a geek and I’m proud of it and how it influences my approach to magic. When Pop Culture Magick was first written, I remember getting a review where the reviewer said it must have been written by a geek and I suppose he was right. I am a geek and I enjoy exploring the intersection between my geek interests and my magical interests:


Michael Davis
Michael Davis

T- Ever since Pop Culture Magick, I have followed your work with great interest. PCM led me to Storm Constantine's novels, thence to Sekhem Heka, Stephen Mace, and to Usui Reiki, all of which have transformed my life. I read your Space/Time Magick a few years ago and am still thinking about it. Here I add my voice to many who have no doubt said the same thing: thank you for helping to keep magic interesting. MD

Thank you. I'm glad you like my work and that it's been so helpful. I'm looking forward to sharing more in the near future.