How to Learn or Work with Me


I get queries from people about how they can work with me or what it is I’m working on, so below is a list of the services and products I’m currently offering.


I’ve written a lot of books and all of them are available either on Amazon or from my publishers. If you go to the Publications tab on this website, you’ll see a list of books I’ve written. If you order books from my publisher, I will actually sign and ship them to you (because I co-own the publisher).


I have online classes I share throughout the year on a variety of magical topics. If interested click on the How Magic Works E-book to the right and sign up for my newsletter

Dual Deck Tarot Readings: Do you have a question you want answered, a problem you want to resolve, or a possibility you want to explore? I offer a half hour Tarot card reading using two tarot decks simultaneously. The Investment is $50.

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Magic Consultation: Do you have a question about magic, or a magical working? Do you want some advice or someone to runs ideas by about magical workings? I offer consultations on magical workings, using both my extensive background in various magical practices and systems and my own experimental approach to help you. I can help you with a variety of issues, including healing, career, business, wealth, relationships, etc. Note: I do not do magic workings for clients. I will help you develop one that you can do. The investment is $100 an hour.

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