How patterns define reality

Posted on November 8, 2012
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In reading the variety of books that I am wont to read at a given time I am always struck by an awareness that each and everyone of them represents a patterened perspective of reality or how reality seems to manifest. This is true even with the fantasy and SF books I read. There is always a formula at work, a way of presenting information in a specific pattern that leads to a specific conclusion.

Awareness of patterns can help us understand what they have to offer us, but can also lead to a myopia of sorts, that only sees the pattern and mistakes it for the reality, kind of like mistaking the forest for the trees. A pattern isn’t reality, so much as it is a perception of how reality manifests. It structures our awareness of reality, but it also leads to specific conclusions, while excluding other conclusions.

When we understand patterns from this perspective we can critically engage them and challenge whether or not they are actually realistic to the situation we are in. A pattern doesn’t have to define reality. We can step away from it or change it, with the recognition that we are creating our own pattern in the process. In  fact, I don’t think we can really live without patterns, but we can recognize their limitations and account for those limitations in a way that allows us to knowingly make changes. Every pattern is an opportunity to interpret reality, but it is our choice to rely upon that interpretation or to challenge it.



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Being aware of patterns is indeed important to not be ruled by them.  Even in vision recognize a chair by a pattern of photons the interacts with our retina.  We should also be aware of our identification of patterns not by observing the whole pattern, but most importantly being aware that we identity the patterns and thus give them meaning from only a small fragment of what we perceive of the pattern.  It is very similar to “IntelliSense” in computer applications.   We begin typing a URL in our browser and it fills in the rest for us based on a preexisting pattern in its memory.  What most don’t consciously realize is that like the browser we have the option of not accepting what our minds fill in, looking and questioning its matching of the pattern fragment and taking a moment to ask what else is possible.   In that moment we have the power to alter how we perceive and interact with that whatever it is.  Also in that moment we can find the space or at the very least a crack to step outside those old, remembered patterns and mindsets.  Just my thoughts.

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@MikhaelBrown Good points Mikhael! We always have the option of not accepting the obvious pattern and creating a new one.