How you manifest Wealth

Posted on February 22, 2012
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In my business coaching practice, one of the topics that inevitably comes up is wealth and money. As I tell my clients its not enough to want money as an end goal, if you don’t know what you’ll do with it. You have to understand how you’ll use money and how it will benefit you before you can really acquire it. That’s the first step toward manifesting wealth. You recognize what allows you to attract wealth into your life and then you establish how you will use that given medium to attain and sustain that wealth.

Money is just one medium for acquiring wealth. But any medium you are going to use to manifest wealth can never be an end goal in and of itself. More importantly you clearly have to define what you will do with the wealth you attain. Wealth is movement. Just attaining it doesn’t mean much if you aren’t sure how you’ll apply it to your life. In fact not knowing how you’ll apply it will likely cause you to lose it because its an indication that you aren’t ready for the wealth.

Manifesting wealth is a result of a process where you define what wealth is, as well as the means you’ll use to get it, and what you’ll do with it once you have it. Manifesting wealth is a continuous process by virtue of the fact that you are continually manifesting it and moving it in your life in order to create more. This can be a bit intimidating if you aren’t sure how to continue to move wealth. This is one reason I recommend learning about finances. It teaches you a lot about what you consider to be wealth and helps you learn how to move with it, as well as how to change the direction of movement (i.e. spending).

If you want to manifest wealth, be prepared for it. It’s only when you are ready for it, that you should seek to acquire it.


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"Wealth is movement." A truer statement could not be made Taylor! I have found that Mercury is a better energy for "cash flow" than other planetary energies, because it is about being in the "current" - which means being all the way in the river (or electricity, or in this instance, the river of money haha). There is a mis-perception that it is about receiving only (or taking if fear is really present), and it is not balanced if there isn't some giving - it would become stagnant otherwise. Now I realize many people give more than they receive, but the answer is not to get out of the river - it is to learn to balance the give and take in a perfect way that allows all needs to be met, and even some wants if they are in spiritual highest good :-)

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 @aartiana Thanks Lisa. It's something I've noticed in my own wealth workings, and just in working with money in general. Good point on giving vs receiving.