The Possibility you feed is the reality you create

The other day I was having a conversation with one of my friends. She shared she was feeling anxious about the upcoming weekend where she would be doing a lot of vending and she pessimistically said she didn’t think she’d sell a lot of product. Now I’m no stranger to such pessimism, having some of […]

Results vs Consequences and how to plan for both in your magic

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend about results and consequences. Often times in practical magic workings we focus on the results that we want to achieve, but what isn’t always considered are the consequences that come with the results. Yet consequences are a natural reality of a result. The problem that happens […]

The Devil is in the Details: Why knowing how magic works matters

In my own magical practice I’m a real stickler for details. The reason is because I like to figure out what is working and how it’s working (or conversely what isn’t working). Not everyone feels this way about magic. Sometimes I’ll hear people say that it doesn’t matter how magic works, as long as it […]

How to stack the deck of reality and possibility in your favor

I find that a lot of people think of magic as something you actively are doing, but sometimes the way magic works has more to do with being in tune with the flow of possibilities into reality and allowing the right possibilities to come through. What does that really mean? I look at it in […]

How to grow your spiritual community

Whether you’re building a public spiritual community or a private one, there’s a couple of factors you want to consider that will help you build your spiritual community and make sure its a healthy one. In this video I share what those factors are and how to strategically approach them so you can build your […]

Why intention alone won’t get you results

The other day I got into a conversation with an acquaintance who said they wanted to be successful with magic. I asked them to define success and they told me that to them success was using intention to create manifestation. It sounded like a lot of new age fluff and the problem is that it […]

Are there rules of magic?

The other day I was asked why so many rules of magic are made up, especially if they aren’t needed. And the answer to that question really comes down to this: What is the underlying motivation for making up any rule? The answer is power, or control, or some variant. People make rules up as […]

A Stillness Meditation

I’ve been working with the element of stillness for 2 and a half years, via daily meditations and internal work. The stillness work is part of the elemental balancing ritual that I’ve used to create a dedicated system of internal work, which I’ve been implementing in my life since 2004! Today I thought I would […]

5 Reasons going back to basics can help you become a Better Magician

I’ve lately been on a bit of a simplicity kick with my magical practice, and part of that has involved going back to basics. It may seem odd that a magician with 20 plus years experience would go back to basics. After all, don’t I already know this material? And the answer is yes, and […]

Case Study: Glasya-Labolas influence working

In this case study, I share a recent working I did with Glasya-Labolas that shows how focusing on the influence aspect of a spirit can produce great results. To learn more, watch the video below. Get my 5 secrets for personalizing your magic that produces consistent results.

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