Case Study: Glasya-Labolas influence working

In this case study, I share a recent working I did with Glasya-Labolas that shows how focusing on the influence aspect of a spirit can produce great results. To learn more, watch the video below. Get my 5 secrets for personalizing your magic that produces consistent results.

February Magical Experiments podcasts

Did you miss an episode of magical experiments in February? All the shows are below. Magical Experiments podcast:  The alchemical balance of positivity and negativity with Bill Duvendack Magical Experiments podcast: Pagan Leadership Challenges with Shauna Aura Knight Magical Experiments podcast: Spirit Conjuration and Magical Evocation with Frater Barrabbas Magical Experiments podcast: The Tao of […]

A few examples of how I changed my own aesthetics of magic

I thought I would share a few examples of how my own aesthetics of magic have changed. The first two examples are recent ones that have to do with art magic, but the final example is really a discussion of how my use of magical tools has changed over the years and why. I’d originally […]

Why it can be useful to question your aesthetics of magic

In my previous post I talked about the aesthetics of magic and why that perspective can be a useful part of your process of magic. Now I want to explore why its useful to question your aesthetics and how that can benefit your magical practice. While your aesthetics of magic is useful for helping you […]

The Aesthetics of Magic and how they connect to the process of magic

The other day an acquaintance emailed me and asked me what I thought about sigils. What the person wanted to know is if I thought chaos magic style sigils were an effective form of magic. I’ll admit to being surprised by the question, because I’ve generally found the work, but then I read a bit […]

The Top 5 Reasons your Magic is Failing

Sometimes your magical working fails. It happens to all of us, but if you don’t understand why it fails, you can’t do much about it. However if you’re willing to take a step back and look at why your magic might be failing, then you can start to address that problem and make changes that […]

5 Ways to simplify your magic (and why you want to)

Sometimes what stands out to me about why someone is having problems with their magical work is that the person is complicating the magical work. It likely doesn’t help that in your average book on magic you find tons of information about magical tools, herbs, crystals, and candles that you are supposed to have in […]

Why I’m careful about who I work with magically

The other day, in the magical experiments newsletter, I shared a story about why I walked a way from a mentor I was working with. In short, his biggest lesson was showing me how close-minded he was. I don’t have time for narrow perspectives of magic, but it got me thinking about how you choose […]

My magical theme of the year is process

My magical theme of the year is process. I explain why in this video:

5 Magical Lessons I learned in 2016 that helped me become a better magical experimenter

2016 has been a really interesting year for me, all across the board. I think what I appreciate about this year we just exited it how much I ended up growing because of my willingness to step away from what I knew to embrace the unknown. Embracing the unknown is a fundamental part of magical […]

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