Magical Apprentice

Magical Apprentice Program

Magical Apprentice Program

I occasionally get queries about working one-on-one with me. There are typically two types of queries.

  1. The person has a magical or mundane problem and needs some help coming up with a solution that employs magic.
  2. The person wants to learn how to practice magic or work with a specific spirit, or get guidance on how they can improve their magical practice.

If you’re on this page, you are probably seeking magical mentorship, where I help you with your magical practice, show you how magic works or explain how to work with different spirits.

If you aren’t here for that reason, but have a problem and are seeking a magical solution please visit the Consultation page.

Let me share with you how I approach the magical apprentice program.

How does the magical apprentice program work?

First, you may want to consider signing up for the Process of Magic class, where I walk you through how magic works and show you how to personalize your magical practice.

If you’ve already taken the process of magic class or you really want to work with me one-on-one then the magical apprentice program is for you. It costs $200 a month and there is a 4 month initial commitment before it switches to a month to month payment.

I only take up to 6 apprentices at a given time. Currently there are 5 openings available.

We meet each week for a half hour session. Each session will be recorded so you have the records for your benefit.

When you sign-up initially, I will contact you and we will work out a day/time where we will meet each week. Our very first session will be focused around what you are looking for from the magical apprentice program. Subsequent sessions will focus on the work we develop for you. In each session, I will ask you questions and go over your magical workings with you, providing you guidance and suggestions as needed. I will also answer any questions you have about magic.

In addition I will give you homework each week. It will usually be homework around what you are already working on, but I may occasionally assign you work based on the current experiments I’m doing.

You also get a special bonus. If I’m visiting your area or at a conference you are attending, I will make sure you get one-on-one face time with me to talk magic, and possibly to work together (The latter is dependent on my schedule).

To sign up, click the link, and I will get in touch with your shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of experience should I have if I want to do the magical apprentice program?

If you are just starting to practice magic, I recommend taking the Process of Magic class first, so you learn the fundamentals of magic and get some experience under your belt. Otherwise, this program is open to any Pagan or magician who practices magic, but wants to get some additional help for their magical practice.

Do I have to belong to a tradition or practice a specific system of magic to work with you?

No, you don’t need to belong to a tradition or practice a specific system of magic to work with me. And while I do have certain traditions and systems I practice, I won’t expect you to practice them with me. In the magical apprentice program, the focus is simply on helping you become a better magician. I’ll share ideas and practices with you, but the focus will really be on achieving a technical understanding and execution that helps you become a better magician.

Do I get a refund If I decide this program isn’t a good fit for me?

I offer a 30 day back money guarantee in our first month of working together. If you decide within our first 4 sessions that this program isn’t a good fit for you, simply let me know and I will refund you your initial payment and unsubscribe you from subsequent payments. However this guarantee only applies to the first 30 days. Please note that the magical apprentice program does have an initial commitment of 4 months, and its expected you will commit to those 4 months.

Ready to take next the next step?

The investment for this program is $200 a month, with a 4 month initial commitment, which then switches to a month to month subscription. If you’re ready to work with me one-on-one, ready to take your magic to the next level, click the link, signup, and I’ll be in touch with you shortly.