Money and its relationship to value and experience

Posted on May 30, 2013
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I recently read a post on pagansquare where the author discussed whether or not it was ethical to charge money for magical services. He didn’t really seem to take one side or another in his post and his response to my comment was equally muddled, but it did get me thinking about barter vs money. As readers of this blog know I’m writing a book on wealth magic and as such I’ve been doing a lot of work and thinking around money as one component of wealth. I’ve also done a lot of thinking about bartering, especially because, in one of my businesses, I’ve engaged in bartering. Here’s what I’ve discovered about bartering: You rarely get the value you were hoping to get from the barter. I certainly haven’t in my bartering situations and its because bartering isn’t attached to a fixed value in the way that money is. So its much easier to be disappointed with bartering and its why I no longer barter for services or products.

Here’s the magic behind money: With money you have a fixed, artificial value attached to a service or product. I say artificial because the truth is that the money you pay for anything is actually the smallest value, if the service or product is done right, but what makes money effective is that value is established to a number and that number provides reassurance on both sides of the transaction that value is being exchanged. But like I said if its done right the money paid is the least value you get from a service or product. What a service or product should do is provide an experience where the value easily exceeds the amount of money you’ve paid. For example when I buy a video game I’m not just buying the software. I’m also buying the enjoyment I get from the game, the hours I spend playing it and the experiences I have. As such the money I pay is a small price, if I enjoy the game. Personally I feel cheated if I haven’t replayed a game at least twice before returning it…that’s the least amount of value I want to get for a given game.

In my businesses, which are more service oriented, I need to continually provide value that shows my clients why investing money is worth their while. If I can’t clearly establish the value of what I offer continually they’ll eventually move on. So with the Process of Magic class for example, you don’t just get 24 lessons, or a free pdf, but a chance to talk with via a teleconference every other month, plus a dedicated forum to interact with me and the other students. And you better believe that I make it a point to respond to emails regularly when I receive them. I want my students to feel acknowledged, taken care of and appreciated. I want to give them real value because I know that the price of the class should be the furthest thing from their mind if I’m doing it right.

See how this relates to wealth magic? If you want to do wealth magic for your business then one of the first factors you need to consider is how much wealth (value) you are bringing into the lives of your clients. After all, if you want them to bring wealth into your life, you need to be willing to give wealth (value) that justifies their choice to spend money on you. And part of giving that value involves establishing a relationship with your client where s/he feels valued and acknowledged. To do that you’ve got to think of ways to provide a return on investment that exceeds the artificial value of what you’ve been paid. You need to give in order to get. Money is the lowest value of what you get and give, but it sets up the initial value and challenges you to improve on it.



Hi Taylor!  I don't barter often for products (I make an exception if it is jewelry I want hehe), except to return a stack of egg cartons to receive a dozen farm-fresh eggs.  However, I barter services all the time - mostly for massage, acupuncture and energy healing!  The way to make it work: 1. Each party needs to value what the other party offers; they need to be skilled at their profession, and each to actually need the others' service (and sometimes, this can work into a 3-way trade).  2. The best way is trade time-for-time.  If a product is needed (i.e. massage therapist uses oils), either money or an agreed-upon amount of extra time (or the other's product) can be arranged.  I have not yet been disappointed.  Now magically?  I won't do magic for others anymore - I figure they can do it themselves since they have the real need.  Not only that, there are way too many ways for manifestation to happen and it may not be the desired outcome for the one who asks!  I always see these random "send us energy" things around, and when I dowse to see if it is in the highest good to send such energy, 99.9 percent of the time is a strong NO!  Often, people have already sent more than enough energy toward that purpose is the most common reason.  Anyway, that won't stop me from helping someone learn how to do certain things, but I will want a trade of time-for-time and only if I value the trade - and it is because energy exchange is important for both parties.  For a recent example, I did an emergency distance energetic cleansing, cord-cutting and entity removal for a friend who happens to be an amazing tarot reader.  We kept track of my time and my portion of the trade will happen this week when she is energetically regenerated.  I told her what I was doing as well as protection and regenerating information so she would know in the future what to do, and while I already know how to read tarot, sometimes it is much better to have another read for you, especially if you are too emotionally close to the question! :-)