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I’ve always been fascinated by podcasts and over the last decade or so I’ve done my own podcast shows on and off about topics that interest in relationship to magic. In April of 2015, I decided to start up the magical experiments podcast and I hosted it for a year on the Pagan Musings podcast channel. Eventually I decided to host it on my own channel, along with another podcast show, Eccentric Entrepreneurs. Currently those are the only shows on the channel, but I am open to hosting other shows (more details on that below).

Why Magical Experiments podcast is different from other occult and Pagan podcasts

I do things a bit differently than the majority of occult and Pagan podcasts. I’m not interested in interviewing the celebrity authors of the Pagan and Occult scene. They already get plenty of press and exposure and while you will sometimes see authors, artist, and musicians that are prominent in the community on the show, it’s really not about promoting them so much as it is about having some really good conversations about magic.

Magical Experiments is all about experimenting with magic and so the focus of the shows is really on learning what people are doing with magic. The majority of people on my shows haven’t written books and aren’t well-known in the Pagan convention scene, but they are doing amazing work and I love to talk about that work and learn from them, while also providing my audience a chance to learn from them.

If you are an author, artist, or musician, you do get a chance to promote your work, but the show is really about the topic of choice and all of us learning and having a conversation.

When Magical Experiments podcast airs

Every Monday at 6pm PST.

Want to become a guest?

If you would like to be a guest, you can contact me. When you contact me, include the following:

  • Name
  • Website
  • Books, art, music (if any)
  • Topic pitch

Please note I only respond to show ideas that I accept, so if you don’t hear from me it means I decided the show pitch wasn’t interesting or relevant.

How You can Support the Channel and podcast

While I love doing the podcasts, there are costs involved and I always appreciate it when people want to help with those costs. There are three ways you can support the Magical Experiments channel and podcast.

1. Donate – You can donate money to Magical Experiments podcast. Your Donations help me with the costs of the channel and hosting the shows. the donate button is on the right hand side of the website. Note: This isn’t tax deductible

2. Become a sponsor – You can become a sponsor, which means you get an advertising spot on the show where I’ll play a pre-recorded ad from you, usually in the middle of the show. If you’re interesting in becoming a sponsor, please contact me for rates. Currently there are 2 sponsorship spots open, but more may become available in the future.

3. Host your show with us – Would you like to do your own podcast? Great, I’d love to support you in that. Because I have paid for a channel, I have a number of available slots open for shows. Contact me with your show idea and I will send you details on the rates to host a show on the channel.

Note: All the money donated or paid goes right back into the costs of running the channel and the podcasts Thank you for your support!