Pop culture magic working with Stingray Sam

Posted on March 18, 2010
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My dear friend Bill recently introduced me to a movie called Stingray Sam, which is the story of a space cowboy who has to fulfill a mission in order to finish paying off his debt to society. The theme song of the movie is:

“Stingray Sam is not a hero, but he does do the things that folks don’t do that need to be done. He’s got a bravery inside, that won’t let him run away, will not let him run!”

I found this song to be very evocative and also found that I really liked the character of Stingray Sam. There was a strong resonance with this character, who isn’t necessarily a hero, but is someone who will do the things that other folks won’t do. I recognized that he could be a really useful influence for me to draw on, when it came to doing things in my business that I didn’t want to do, but knew needed to be done.

Not only would Stingray Sam motivate me to do those things that need to be done, but he would also insist I do them when I didn’t want to. At the same time, Stingray Sam has a natural charisma and friendliness that I could draw on with my interactions with people, a kind of integrity that would make those people feel comfortable, without feeling like I was imposing on them.

Recently, I got flyers for my business and have been hitting the streets with them. In my mind, I played the Stingray Sam as I walked around handing out flyers, drawing on his influence to help me be comfortable with something I normally wouldn’t do, but also so I could draw on his personality traits, in my interactions with other people. I even adapted my accent to his accent, so that I sounded like him. I noticed that throughout the time I did this, I felt very happy and comfortable. It was rather interesting, and quite useful as well.

I would note that Stingray Sam is most effective when you are doing activities you normally would not do that need to be done, or doing activities that other people don’t do that need to be done. I definitely felt an instant connection to this pop culture entity, and would highly recommend to others that you watch the movie, if you want to work with the entity.



He's an interesting fellow I intend to work with further. Glad you like the concept and practical application. I think he is a hero too, actually.


That is totally awesome Taylor! I like your application - and I would say that Stingray Sam seems to have (in Astrology) lots of Virgo or "Sixth House" in his character. And if you ask me, he IS a hero in his own right, since most people today do not understand the true meaning of SERVICE. Most people when they go to work just show up and endure, hating every minute of it, but the reason they are there is solely for the paycheck. This, to me, is FALSE service. TRUE service is our ability through our spiritual selves to GIVE of our natural talents, with love and without strings attached, because it is natural and that we feel like it. All we then need to do is be in a good space of receiving whatever the Universe decides to bring back, due to this accumulative "service" - and as an example, a paycheck (at a fair amount) can be a balanced exchange for you providing service. Stingray Sam seems to me like he has this exchange mastered! :-)