Space/Time Magic

Do you feel trapped by time? Do you look at your watch and count away the seconds of your life that you no longer feel you have? Do you feel powerless in regards to the direction your life is going? If you’ve answered any of these questions with a yes then this book has the means to make your answers become no for these questions. Taylor Ellwood shows how you can take control of the possibilities in your life.

Space/Time Magic isn’t just a mixture of Chaos magic and science. Here you will learn techniques that will show you how to manipulate different forms of media to attain your desires. Whether you want to make a cut-up collage, or discover how writing shapes probabilities, or explore new techniques for sigil magic, you’ll find a book that offers you all of that and much more. You’ll find new meditation techniques that will expand your understanding of consciousness and your place in the universe. If you’ve always wanted to be more aware of the possibilities in your life or wanted to shape a specific events or events into reality then read this mindbender of a book!

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