Religion and Business part 2

Posted on May 2, 2011
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I recently attended a business luncheon where the keynote speaker spoke about his business. Among other things he talked at some length about how he dedicated his business to God and trusted in the vision and path God revealed to him. Before every major business decision, he’d pray to God for guidance. It was interesting to note that many people in the room seemed quite comfortable with his god talk and seemed to agree with what he did.

I’ll admit I had my own knee jerk reaction, but I got over it fairly quick and then I really paid attention to what he was discussing, because I realized I could take what he was discussing and apply it with a magical focus. Instead of working with a god (though one could be useful), I could work with a wealth or business entity who’s sole purpose was to focus on growing the business. I could even work with the business itself as an entity, consulting with it about major decisions and using its advice. Maybe it sounds a little farfetched, but is it really?

The keynote speaker’s business is doing really well and what’s most fascinating is how many times they’ve gotten really good business deals because they brought it to God and let him does his work. As a magician, it’s clear to me that this person has gotten a direct tap to the field of probabilities and gotten some useful results. And you don’t need to be a Christian to make that happen, because it’s not so much about the religion as it’s about the process.

This business owner prays to God each time a decision comes up and is specific in his prayers. Then he lets go and lets it happen. Sounds similar to sigil and spell work.

The magician can take a similar approach. I’ve actually done that in corporate world, by creating an entity out of the project I was working on and having the entity guide me in my work and interactions with co-workers. Applying it to your own business works in a similar manner, with the added benefit of already having a logo and name for the business, which can house the entity. Before you make any major decisions, do a consult with your entity, explaining what you want to accomplish and directing it’s focus toward helping to manifest the desired result. Then let it work and do your part and watch what happens: Manifested reality.

As simple as that.


Naya Aerodiode
Naya Aerodiode

Though I wouldn't get up in front of a bunch of strangers and say it, I'll tell you that I do similar things when working with my business. I've found a mentor in Jupiter who has been a guide in my own business, helping me in many ways from networking, innovating, and even dodging potentially bad situations with clients. If I get stuck on something, I often ask, "What would Jupiter do?" and I get soon enough the right guidance to propel me forward.

However, I think it best to keep religion and magic far from the public face of my business. As far as my clients need to know, I'm an excellent designer and that's that. Jupiter strongly advised me to do exactly that. ;)

I agree with you. I wouldn't advertise it either.