Some observations about on Religion and business

Posted on April 9, 2011
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In my other business I go to a lot of networking meetings and it’s always interesting to observe the intersection between religion and business. At a recent meeting, a person brought up that he was making Christian movies, which most everyone there seemed fine with, and in other meetings I’ve heard other people mention the intersection of business and Christianity as a matter of fact kind of reality for them. At the same time, I’ve also seen the intersection of new age beliefs in business as well, with people talking about mindful awareness and conscious intent or discussing their healing practice and how they use energy work. It seems to me that there is this interesting place where business and spirituality or religion come in side by side.

At the same time, I’d have to admit that unless people asked I never volunteer information about my own beliefs or spiritual practices. It’s not really anyone else’s business and more importantly it’s not relevant to my other business. I favor a partitioned existence when it comes to my different businesses. What I do with one business has little to do with what I do for another business, so it isn’t important overall. But I also realize that because my beliefs aren’t necessarily accepted by the mainstream that I also don’t have the same comfort or freedom to express my beliefs that a Christian has. I could couch my phrases in new age terminology, which is a bit more acceptable, or I could use NLP as a descriptor of techniques, but being able to mention my beliefs, or spiritual practices at a business networking event is just asking for problems. Christians, on the other, can discuss their religion with impunity at such meetings. They are the dominant religion, so its perfectly acceptable for them to speak up and while it might make a few people uncomfortable, it won’t be something people comment on, unless it gets excessive.

Personally, I don’t think religion and business should mix anymore than government and religion should mix. It’s best to just keep it separate…so that’s what I do. It works overall, and I’ve never had anyone ask about my beliefs. And if they do ask, I’ll be honest, because it’s not like they couldn’t find out anyway…all they have to do is a google search and there my beliefs are. But I never volunteer, and so it never comes up.



One's religion is something very personal. Like what underwear we choose to wear. I have my person preference, but that isn't something I would bring up at a business meeting. For many of us our religious beliefs and those things that motivate us at our deepest levels is extremely important in guiding and directing what we do and how we do it in our business operations and dealings. I don’t see them as separate, I see them as the bulk of how we do our business, but is that part which is hidden, like proverbial iceberg where only the tip is visible and seen. Like you said, in a Christian dominated society, raising a contrary flag can only draw their cannon fire and that would not be good for business. LOL