Space is the Place part 2

Posted on January 16, 2010
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I worked with Thiede again last night, or rather he took me on another journey into space. This time he made the point that the notion of space being empty is another cultural construct, but that space is never empty. There is a lot of different things in space, so to speak. It made me think of the little motes of light that I see in everything around me. I’ve seen these motes of light for as a long as I can remember and Thiede had me focus on them and when I did so I could also see lines connecting each mote to the other. This, I might add, is something I’ve seen before with Thiede, years ago, but this time I had a different appreciation, because what he showed me with it is how everything is connected together. How all of this comes together and creates this overall experience of the world that makes sense on a sublime level. And that was it tonight. I’ll work with him again soon, and I’ll finish this post then.

Worked with him again tonight. I saw a central hub connected to spatial points. I was inclined at first to view it as an experience of movement, but Thiede corrected me, noting that thinking of space in terms of movement is derived from being a moving being and applying how one physically navigates space to the experience of space. But navigating through space isn’t the same experience as space itself can be…and as I thought about it, my own changes of awareness in a given space has much more to do with a change of perspective than actual movement. Movement is a convenient metaphor to explain or situate space for a person, but I haven’t necessarily moved from a space I’m in so much as changed my perspective about that space, because my awareness of it shifts to something new. It’s an interesting way to think about space…I always exist in the same space, but my awareness changes how I understand that space.



Love this post Taylor, and I like Dark Arckana's observations as well! Something I figured out with space is that in a way, it is sort of like time. I know - you are working with time this year, so I thought I would just mention it. As an astrologer, I see transits happening to a person over time - but, if they decide to move, they can change their planetary line influences and the movement toward these energies can live out as if you were having that transit. As an example: I moved from living nearly all my life in San Diego (my Venus/Saturn lines) to North Carolina (my Mars/Jupiter lines) and it was like I was experiencing a super Mars and Jupiter transit. And because you cannot unring a bell - once I moved back to San Diego, I had embodied this Mars/Jupiter energy, and being back in San Diego now felt "different" and it was because I was different, due to my experiences that I would not have had. This was caused by changing space - but I could have also experienced it through the course of time had I decided to never go to North Carolina. I believe Einstein also speaks of time and space as we know it being related, and that we can "bend" time with the manipulation of what we experience as space. Interesting topic you have here!!

Dark Arckana
Dark Arckana

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly! The notion of space being "empty" is purely cultural. One of my familiars is from space he told me that his planetary correspondence is "The Milky Way" (even though it's not a planet, he told me to use the term "planetary correspondence", rather than make an entire separate category that I'll seldom use). That's what I love about the Occult, it really puts the "living" aspect in "life":

"Quite simply, many UFO's are living organisms. They are aeroforms living in the sky unknown to official science, but long known to Occult Science...They are part of what Occultists term 'elementals.' They live invisibly like fish in the ocean atmosphere. Like fish I estimate them
to be of low intelligence. They will probably one day be better classified as belonging to the general field of Macrobiology or even Macrobacteria inhibiting the aerial ocean we call the sky." -- Trevor James Costable, from Sky Creatures (p. 11)

"Do not make the mistake of supposing that the little world you see around you--the Earth, which is a mere grain of dust in the Universe--is the Universe itself. There are millions upon millions of such worlds, and greater. And there are millions of millions of such Universes in existence within the Infinite Mind of THE ALL. And even in our own little solar system there are regions and planes of life far higher than ours, and beings compared to which we earth-bound mortals are as the slimy life-forms that dwell on the ocean's bed when compared to Man. There are beings with powers and attributes higher than Man has ever dreamed of the gods' possessing." -- The Kybalion