Space/Time Entity Research

Posted on January 28, 2014
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I’m currently working on the space/time magic correspondence course and I recently finished writing the lesson on space/time magic deities and entities. What fascinates me is that there are some deities and entities that help with space/time work, even in traditional spiritualities and practices. However, what I’ve also noted is that what a given entity focuses on is typically either time OR space, but not both together. This is important to understand because there is a conflation of space and time that occurs, where they are treated as one and the same, when in fact, they really aren’t. While space and time obviously intersect, what each does and represents is distinct. When working with a deity or entity, understanding this distinction can be essential in order to effectively develop the relationship.

What I’m curious about, and where I hope readers of this blog will help, is discovering what space/time deities and entities you work with and how you work with them. I’ve listed ones such as Fotamecus and Ceronitis, as well as more traditional ones such as mahakala and the goetic Daemons who help with time, but if possible, I’d love it people could share in the comments what deities and entities they work with, when it comes to space/time magic work.




I am working with the Goddess Arianrhod this year, per New Year divinations. i have some experience with Her, and with Her associate Ariadne. She embodies stellar and lunar energies very strongly, residing as she does in the circumpolar stars that never set.  That axis becomes a sort of spindle on which the whole planet turns. as a lunar Goddess, she is cyclical time, the circular motion of wax and wane and wax again. 

My work with her is very informal thus far. It consists of noticing cycles and patterns, as they get played out, as they "fractal' out.  This includes patterns and habits that get persist through time because they are carried along with DNA. I will call down stellar into the earth, and call up earth energy into space, thru me as a conduit.  Standing in this flow of energy also unlocks past and future because my DNA is engaged. I have access to the past via my ancestors and to the future via my descendants.