Spatial Dynamics and Magic

Posted on December 14, 2011
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Space is one of those elements that continues to fascinate me, especially when I look at how people use space to situate and express their own identity. I came to this perspective through the anthropological of Edward T. Hall and Alexander Laban’s perspectives on space and movement. The occupation of space whether with objects or with politics or spirituality. The application of space in a person’s sense of identity via home, work, car, etc.

Now apply this to magic. Magic is about changing a space. It changes a space by turning possibility into reality. Space changes, becomes a different space when a possibility is brought into reality. Space is changed by time, with the understanding that time is what brings possibility into reality, while space provides the necessary anchor for reality to exist in.

A person is his/her own space. Space acts on space and in turn is acted on by space. The person expresses his/her space in the external space, but that same space also shapes the person’s identity. When a person performs an act of magic s/her is inviting in both time, and specific defined spaces to modify the current space s/he inhabits, both in terms of identity, and in terms of circumstances the person is in.



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so what sort of space are you talking about? A 'sacred space' environment?.. the space between particles and atoms and all that stuff? or that space within our heads?

Magicexperiment moderator

@ShinobiBombay Sacred space is one perspective, but we could apply it to cultural space or even ideological space, as well as physical space and how a person interacts with that space. I've even thought about it in terms of identity and space, specifically a person's identity as its own ontological space that cohabits other spaces as well. I go into this in a lot more detail in Magical Identity.