Value and Wealth

Posted on April 5, 2012
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Jason recently posted a blog about value and wealth. He basically did an exercise that looked at the value of what he wanted to buy vs the price of what he wanted to buy vs the value of what he could put that money toward. It’s a good exercise to do and its something I’m familiar with from Your Money or Your Life (affiliate link).  In that book, one of the exercises has you look at the real value of what you are purchasing vs the amount of money and the amount of time spent earning that money. And much like Jason’s exercise, what it really does is force you to look closely at your relationship with money and how you are spending it.

So you might wonder why I’m writing about that on here. Wealth magic is an ongoing interest of mine, and I think to really apply magic to wealth in any substantial way you really have to understand money and its relationship with your life, as well as the value you ascribe to a given purchase. An unexamined relationship with money will find people buying anything that catches their interest, while also accruing a mountain of debt. If you want to do magic for a specific result, you’ve got to understand what that result will really look like in your life, and be prepared to handle any consequences that are associated with it.

This is why people who win the lottery typically end up spending their way through the money they won. They played to win, but they weren’t prepared for the consequences of winning and likely they didn’t really examine their relationship with money. So they win the money and they get deluged by relatives and friends who suddenly care (as long as the money flows) and they also have vague ideas on how to spend the money. I’ll buy that Porsche I always wanted or pay off the house, or whatever else. Rarely do I see anything about investing the money when I hear stories about someone winning the lottery.

Money magic tends to have a similar effect. the focus is on getting the money, but once you have the money what do you do? Doing magic to get money may work, but having it is another reality and one that most people seem ill-prepared for. The question then is this: What is my relationship with money and what do I want to do with it, both now and in the future? Knowing the answer can help you figure out if you can really handle more money and if you really understand the value of what you are trying to get with that money.

An important part of magical work is the relationship. Looking at your relationship with money and knowing what you want to change with it can help you do wealth magic more effectively than just trying to get money. It’s that internal ingredient that is needed to effectively integrate a force into your life, whether that force is money, love, power, or something else altogether. Can you handle the consequences? Is the value worth it and do you know what you’ll do with the result, once you’ve got it.



I've always been a big fan of manifesting opportunities that allow one to make money rather that spell targeting the money itself. But I agree with what you're saying, which is why I'm business oriented and not job oriented as a lot of my fellow schoolmates are. So what if you make $35.00 an hour? If you work at  a job you're not passionate about and buy a pair of jeans cost $35.00 you just wasted a precious hour of your life for a pair of jeans. Not even that, if you factor in taxes taken out of your paycheck. Many people find it odd that I'd rather be working on marionettes, sculptures, puppets, props and inventions rather than be in Hawaii on a beach. However, I only use the word "work" for communication purposes, but when I'm in the process of doing it, I don't feel like I'm working. It's quite exhilarating!! Maybe I could relax a bit by sitting on the beaches in Hawaii. But I'd get bored after an hour if I did. Without mental stimulation, I get restless and will find something to do, which ultimately makes it no different than being in my studio. I love what I do, I just happen to be able to make money with it and I'm working a job right now to pay for school, food and rent, but I won't be resigned to that forever. I plan on starting a business and accumulating a lot of clients before I graduate. I can do this by going to networking events in the form of major art shows and major mold making and casting conventions. This is also where Magik comes in. I cast for people who are already looking for what I have to offer to be compelled through synchronicity to find out about that specific convention and go there and to find a way despite any inconveniences. Professionals and buyers normally attend such things from all over the world, so I'm not controlling anyone's free will. Rather, I'm giving people who are already looking for what I have in my portfolio an opportunity to find me. I haven't used this for business yet, but I have used it for other things like one-night stands with women who match the looks and body types I like.