An update on my writing projects – March 2017

Thought I would share an update on my current writing projects: Pop Culture Magic Systems and Alchemy of Life

Sigils and Attention

In December’s magical success I’ll be teaching about sigils. In this video I share a little taste of what we’ll be learning about in regards to attention stacking and how it can help your sigil work. Learn more about the class and sign up.

Why troubleshooting your magical workings can be important

I think its important to know how to troubleshoot your magical workings. When you can figure out why you aren’t getting the result you want, then you can refine your magical workings.

Why I emphasize trust and respect in my working with spirits

In the magical success class this month we’ve been talking a lot about bringing respect and trust into the work you do with spirits. In this video I share why it is important to create a collaborative relationship with your spirits.

Ear plugs and meditation pt 2

I’ve continued experimenting with ear plugs while meditating and thought I would share what I learned.

Ear plugs and meditation

I recently got ear plugs to see how they’d affect my meditation work. I discuss what differences I’ve noticed as a result of using ear plugs.

How I come up with magical experiments pt 6

In part 6 I share the temporal consecration prayers and discuss how a experiment where I used them as well as possible future work I’ll do with them.

Why magic and psychology aren’t the same

This week I talk about why magic and psychology aren’t the same and the problems I have when people try to explain one discipline with another discipline.

How I experiment with magic pt 5

In part 5, I discuss how to verify information about spirits you’re working with, especially if you don’t know a lot about them. I use Suvuviel as an example and explain how I verified the information he presented to me. Tao of Craft by Benebell Wen Temple Magic by William G. Gray

How I come up with experiments part 4

In part 4 of how I come up with experiments, I discuss why I’ve created specific offerings using art and how those offerings can serve a double purpose.

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