What would you want in a class on the process of magic?

Posted on February 13, 2012
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One of my projects is developing an online course on the Process of Magic. I’ve put together some material, and I’m going to get back to work on this project this week, now that the revisions for Magical Identity are finished. I’d like to get some input from readers of this blog.

If you were taking a class on the process of Magic from me, what would you want to learn? What areas of magic would you want covered? What types of exercises would you expect out of this class?

If you can take a moment and answer these questions, it would really help me. I want to put together a class that helps people improve their process of magic, as well as personalize it.


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Read alot of the 'energetically intuitive' healers/diagnosticians/etc. and it just "happened". Of course, if you sign up for their seminars, they will 'reveal their secrets'. (Usually it's no secret because they really don't have a good idea of what they did or how it started -- just that it did and they went from there.) Most fluffy books speak of doing the standard 'bell, book, and candle', draw a circle, bless it to the four quarters song and dance. What would be nice would be a 'from the beginning' (with crayon diagrams if necessary) of how someone sits down (or stands up) and starts learning and 'doing'. Yes -- pick *something* and do it but, then what? Meditation; self examination; body sensing and awareness: but...how does that go from the very basics to KNOWING you are in contact with energy/magick; made contact with a spirit/guide/higher whatnot? What if someone does NOT have a safe haven in the aetherical realm (or the real world) to practice in? How does one go from interest to beginner to practitioner -- and have landmarks or signposts along the way to let them know they are 'on the right track'?