What you can learn from Pop Culture characters

Posted on July 13, 2011
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I study pop culture characters in comics, cartoons, shows, books, etc., because of what I can learn about them, in terms of character development, attributes, correspondences, and how you can apply all of that to your own magical work. There’s a lot of detail that’s put into a character, in terms of origin, history, personality and all of these details are useful not only for developing a pop culture magic working, but really for developing an eye toward the kind of detail that can be necessary to pull off a good magical working.

With a pop culture character, the details that go into the development of the character are ones that help make that character memorable to the people watching the show or reading the book or comic the character is in. If you want to create a compelling character you need to develop all of those details, because they will all help draw the interest of the audience.

How does that apply to magic? If you’re creating a magical entity you want to be as detailed as possible in the creation of it. What are its characteristics and mannerisms? What is its origins, its special abilities etc.? Those details can bring that entity to life for you, and empower the magical work you do.

But lets look beyond entities to other forms of magical work. I find that paying attention to the details is essential to being successful with magical work. When I put a magical working together, I try to think of the details as part of the narrative of a story I’m writing. By taking lessons from pop culture, I’ve been able to put those details into focus in my magical work, so that I don’t leave any loopholes in what I’m trying to accomplish.



Wow Taylor! My hubby and I were having a similar conversation on how the Comic Book Superheros were often reworked archetypes of long-standing deities of ancient pantheons, and sometimes even had the same name (think of Thor!) :-) I can see Flash Gordon being like Hermes or Mercury, Wonder Woman kind of resonating with Isis, and the list can go on. While people might think this is crazy, this is actually a very good idea, since it may be easier to connect to a modern reworking! Then I was thinking of you today and decided to read your blog to see if you had new entries - and THIS is your post! Awesome! :-)

Magicexperiment moderator

@aartiana It's something I cover a lot in Pop Culture Magick and Multi-Media Magic. I think a lot of pop culture is just the latest iteration of universal myths.