Why intention alone won’t get you results

Posted on May 5, 2017
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The other day I got into a conversation with an acquaintance who said they wanted to be successful with magic. I asked them to define success and they told me that to them success was using intention to create manifestation. It sounded like a lot of new age fluff and the problem is that it basically is new age fluff.

Words like intention and manifestation have become ambiguous words that say very little while sounding very buzzy. In the defense of my acquaintance, this was a person just starting out on their magical journey. When I explained that they needed to be more specific in defining success with magic, they had trouble because they didn’t know what it looked like.

How magic works

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When we use words like intention and manifestation without understanding how to apply them to practical actions, it keeps us from effectively applying magic to our lives. Magic isn’t just setting intention, but also following through on the intention.

In the video below I share why intention isn’t enough and what you need to do to set your magical practice up around obtaining practical results.