Zeroing Time

Posted on July 17, 2011
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The first author who really introduced me to Space/Time Magic was William G. Gray. In his book Magical Ritual Methods he talks about the Zero exercise, where a person created three circles around him/herself and brought them into alignment with each other to create space/time point of zero possibilities, where nothing existed except the person and what/she brought into the Zero.

I’ve lately been reincorporating this practice into my daily work as one of the ways I can align with the elements of space and time. The concept of zero is a place where all possibilities can exist, but no reality occurs. Reality can only occur when an action is taken that moves a possibility into an actual reality. Zero is a state of being, a way of looking at space and time and the intersections of the two elements and the possibilities that spring out of that intersection.

Actually it’s fair to say that Zero, as a concept that Gray introed to me, has been around since I first learn about it. It’s an integral part of my mythology as it applies to space and time, and emptiness. What we can learn from zero is to how cultivate a state of being that’s simultaneously removed from the present and connected to every possible moment that was and could be. The benefit is a temporal-spatial awareness that enables you to find possibilities that might otherwise be missed. It does make you somewhat non-linear…and zeroing is just the first step to hitting this state of awareness.




Magical Ritual Methods, while a bit dated and a bit 'waffly', is still my Missing Manual for Magical operations. My copy actually fell off a shelf in a bookstore 30 years ago and bonked me on the head. Best 'accidental' find ever. And that zeroing exercise, with the accompanying 'sigilizing sounds' is still the best out there.

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@sunfell I don't know that I'd consider it dated. I suppose in a way it is, because of the writing, but the concepts and practices are sound. It's one of the best books on magic out there, imo.