Pop Culture Magick

Now available–revised and updated second edition!

Magick for geeks! Pop Culture Magick is about a new approach to doing magick. Taylor Ellwood recognize that in this day and age the truly flexible magician is the magician who adapts with the times. Pop Culture Magick is a reflection of this need for adaptation. Ideas for practical magick can come from many unusual sources and pop culture is one such source. Pop Culture Magick expands on the pop culture entity work in Creating Magickal Entities, showing you how you can work with entities from anime, television and a wide variety of other forms of pop culture. But Pop Culture Magick also explains in depth how you can work more intimately with pop culture entities through the innovative technique of invoking yourself into the entity. Taylor also shows you how you can adapt pop culture to more traditional approaches to magick.

Pop Culture Magick doesn’t just focus on entity work. You’ll also learn practical techniques based off both contemporary technology and pop culture itself. More importantly, you’ll learn how a truly creative and flexible approach to magick can let you do much, much more for yourself than sticking with what other people have done.

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