Welcome to Magical Experiments.

I started experimenting with magic when I first started practicing it. I was and I am driven by an insatiable curiosity to see what I can do with magic and this site reflects that curiosity. I’ve never been satisfied with what’s written in books or by what other people have told me magic is (or anything else for that matter). I started practicing magic at 16, because I’d finally found a spiritual system that enabled me to be the ultimate authority of my life, instead of some mythical sky god and his representatives. With magic, I could finally ask my questions and find my answers. To this day I still approach magic that way. I’m asking questions and I’m finding answers. My questions and answers may not apply to anyone else, but seeking them and experiencing them has created a very satisfying life.

If you’re visiting this site and reading my writing, you probably have similar feelings. You know there’s more to life than the daily routine and grind that most people live in. You also realize that only you can be the ultimate authority of your life. I honor that and I want to be a guide on your journey. As a guide I’ll offer suggestions and ideas, but I’ll never give you the answer, because my answer isn’t your answer. The only person who can find that answer is you.

If you, like me, want to experiment with magic, to truly find out what you can do with it and how you can change your life…if you want more than just tradition, more than just someone else’s authority, this site is for you. You’ll find my books and writing, but more importantly you’ll find a space here which accepts the desire to question and experiment to find your own answers. You’ll never stuffily be told what real magic is, because magic can be so much more than what most people think it is, and the whole point of this site and my work and yours is to discover what it can really be.

On this site I share my latest projects and experiments as well as insights about magic. My books are also available. Additionally I offer consultations, Tarot readings, and classes.